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Welcome to GoodRideGuide

Everyone loves riding but...


We all love riding.  We all spend our hard earned money on bikes, clothing and accessories, in the hope that when we get out and ride we enjoy every single mile we're pedalling - nailing every descent and challenging ascent.

But there's only so much enjoyment you can have by yourself!


Riding is just better together


GoodRideGuide is about getting together and riding.  Local Rides, Local Guides, Local Knowledge


Our aim is to provide a user friendly and enjoyable experience for cyclists to organise rides, find rides both locally and afar, and keep in touch with fellow riders along the way.

We come from a mountain biking background but please don't think GRG is restricted.  Roadies, families and all are welcome to use the site and find group rides that they enjoy in their area.


Register here to get involved


We have a few ideas up our sleeves to make GRG a little different from other sites out there and I hope you will appreciate what we are trying to achieve.  If you have ideas or things or would like to see then please do not hesitate to contact us.


This is not a magazine and we are not trying to compete with the big mapping websites.

We may add an article to highlight a certain new feature or a change we've made but apart from that what is on the site is down to you - your groups, your rides, your trails, your comments.


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Are you a Good Ride Guide?

  • Have you got what it takes to be a Good Ride Guide?
  • Do you know an area like the back of your hand?Perfect dry trails and blue sky
  • Do you know a route with fantastic single track, great ascents and even better descents?
  • Do you enjoy sharing rides with others?
  • Can you keep a ride together? Set the pace to stretch some but keep it enjoyable and interesting for all?


Share your knowledge and lead a ride.

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Organising a ride

If you ride regularly with a group of friends, why not Organise a Ride and send out your invitation through GoodRideGuide.

You can choose the date, time, venue and even the type of ride


Each member of your group can be sent an invitation email, allowing them to accept, rejection or 'maybe' so you know how many people are coming, how popular the ride will be and which are the most popular rides.


If you have to make last minute changes you can let all the expected riders straight away.

  • Perhaps the weather has turned and you want to postpone?
  • Perhaps the pub you are planning to meet at is closed so you need to change the venue?

Whatever the reason, everyone finds out in plenty of time!

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We are in 'Beta'


If you've found us, you're early! (But you're very welcome).

GoodRideGuide is in beta and is continually changing functionality and layout.  We are not marketing or promoting at the moment (except to a few local riders) but always happy to see 'early adopters'.

If you'd like to register, please feel free to use the functionality that is currently available.  Community/social functionality has been added so you may register, create groups, create and join events, and all the normal social network functionality.


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Riding Etiquette

What Do I Need?

When riding a mountain bike there a few essential bits of kit to make sure you're riding goes well and you can deal with anything the trail throws at you.

And that you aren't relying on your riding buddies

  • Helmet
  • Pump & spare tube
  • Multi-tool
  • CamelBak or similar - 2 litres
  • Trail snacks
  • Good off-road lights for night riding - that last 2 hours
  • Enthusiasm

Riding Tips

  • Never ride alone
  • Always tell someone where you going
  • Carry the right kit for your bike
    • right spare tube
    • pump fittings (presta, shrader etc.)
    • simple tools
    • and bits-n-pieces - chain Speed-Link, derailleur hanger

Do you have any more tips or suggestions? Let us know.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 January 2012 21:54

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